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What is Glamourates?

Glamourates began in 2007. I was teaching Pilates to a class. One lady lifted her foot up to extend her leg and displaying her snazzy leopard print on her socks, we loved them and so we all bought snazzy socks for classes!

The Glamourates Story

Glamourates began on a Tuesday evening back in 2007 . I was teaching Pilates to one of my regular classes.
At the start of the class, we were seated on the fitballs and shortly after the warm up, we were practising some basic stability leg lifts and as one lady lifted her foot up to extend her leg we saw the underside of her foot had a snazzy leopard print on her sock, which at the time was a fairly new idea, so we all commented on how we loved it and so we said we would buy some snazzy socks so we all had them, particularly with the pattern underneath.
So for sure we all bought the patterned socks and had a giggle about it.

Now that we had the socks we started considering that maybe we could have special t.shirts.
One evening, shortly after, a regular class member turned up with a t.shirt with a sparkly design on it. Again we all admired her it and made efforts to buy sparkly t.shirts or one with a bright unusual design on the front.
This became our signature of the class and we decided we needed a name, so Glamourates was born, the name was created by a lady in the class who had been with me for many years. So now every Tuesday is a Glamourates Tuesday.

Glamourates Philosophy

This is about looking good and feeling good, there are no strange fads here, no instant weight loss, no Botox, fillers or liposuction, just feeling good from the inside out.


Glamourates means harmonious minds and contented bodies.

Glamourates will give you a supple, mobile, flexible happy body that we need on a daily basis not just for a special occasion. However for those of you wanting to know the secrets to preparing for a Glamourous night out, try the ‘Glamourates night out package’ (coming soon, including beauty treatment and instant de-stress workout)

Think of the forties Hollywood glamour, think of inner elegance shining out.

Let’s find your Glamourates side!

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