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May 2014
07 May 2014 In Blog

Sleep is as natural and essential as breathing and eating.
How much do you sleep? Eight hours is about the average amount we should have to function with enough energy throughout the day, but nowadays we tend to have six hours or less due to increased hours at work and trying to 'fit in' more activities with the family or friends.

At a basic level sleep is a natural response to fatigue. The activity of the body slows down and the body and the brain are able to rest. The body is also able to slow down its metabolism, conserving energy and use resources to fight any infections there may be. Sleep is also very important for facilitating growth and development, especially in children as growth hormone is released. The growth hormone continues to be important into adulthood also as it enables the body to renew and repair itself. The body's skin blood and brain cells are all renewed faster during sleep than when we are awake. Sleeping during illness or infection can help us to fight infection and recover more quickly. Adequate sleep may play a role in helping us to resist infection. In studies it has been shown that even moderate amounts of sleep depravation can reduce the levels of white blood cells which fight infection, therefore reducing the effectiveness of the body's defence systems.

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