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April 2014
22 April 2014 In Blog

Imagine you are on holiday and the weather is very hot and obviously you want to enjoy the sun. You are lying beside the pool for about four hours and feeling maybe that you fancy an alcoholic drink or two, It may seem that you have quenched your thirst after these drinks but you actually find that you are starting to get a headache and feel dizzy. This you cannot understand as you are quite relaxed and usually feel fine after two alcoholic drinks. To add to this you have not been to the toilet for many hours and do not feel you need to. This whole scenario has been happening each day of the holiday.

Stop to think for a moment. When was the last time you had a glass of water?

03 April 2014 In Blog

As young children we are able to move freely, with balance, fluidity and less tension in our bodies. The stressful and awkward environments that we begin to encounter as an young adult and then as we age causes us to start to adapt to incorrect patterns of tense awkward movements and holding of bad postures.

Badly designed car seats, very comfy sofas, poor mattress support in bed all contribute too enhancing an already stressed body posture. On top of this add in emotional and work stresses and before we know it we have a recipe for overworked global (larger muscles) and weak under-used postural muscles. Most of this will happen unconsciously and develop over a period of time before we actually become aware of the change are selves. Long-term bad posture can cause back pain and other areas of the body to become strained inflexible and less mobile.

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