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About Kathy Read

About Kathy

I have been involved in activity, dance, sport and fitness all my life. I have 15 years in the fitness industry combined with 20 years of competing at the elite levels of swimming at Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth levels.

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Invite Kathy

Invite Kathy

Kathy is available for Olympic and motivational talks at schools, organisations charity events and sporting clubs. She has a wealth of experience from her swimming career and from fitness teaching.

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Why try Pilates?

Why Pilates

Pilates is a total workout of mind and body. A unique experience for every participant providing many benefits both mentally and physically. It provides the most essential elements of keeping our bodies healthy.

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What is Glamourates?


Glamourates began in 2007. I was teaching Pilates to a class. One lady lifted her foot up to extend her leg and displaying her snazzy leopard print on her socks, we loved them and so we all bought snazzy socks for classes!

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News and Events

The two amazing Jeans, both Pilates pros! The two amazing Jeans, both Pilates pros! Monday, 11 May 2015 The two amazing Jeans are both Pilates pros and have a combined age of 173 years...
New beginners Pilates taster class Monday, 09 March 2015 There is no current beginners course presently but I am planning a taster class after...
Lee Ocean has completed his challenge of five marathons in five days in March 2015. Read about his story here. Monday, 02 March 2015 Lee Ocean has run his challenge of five Marathons in five days for the stillbirth...
Swimming Times Article Monday, 29 September 2014 The Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014 were an  outstanding success and in the lead...

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